Hero International

Delivering modern comfort and enjoyment to residential and commercial spaces

Hero International Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Hero International) is a premium New Zealand owned and operated company, established in 2010. We began as a construction company focused on building high-quality properties with great high-value,has gained extensive experience in property construction.

Hero International delivers a range of enjoyable design and stylish properties throughout New Zealand. We have worked with a variety of subdivisions and aim to become a team revered for our commitment to bring high-quality homes and delightful building experiences to New Zealand. Since 2017, Hero International has stepped into the commercial real estate sector and have undertaken large-scale commercial projects. Nowadays Hero has become a member of Site Safe and Master Builder and hold the certifications of LBP Carpentry Site 2, NZGBC Assessor, established a corporate image of high-quality builders in the construction industry.

Hero International  has been trying to expand into new business areas.to combine construction projects with other business ventures. Today Hero International provides a wide range of experience and service offering for our customers including international trading, tourism and property management, strives to build a diversified industrial chain based on integration of the comparative advantages between China and New Zealand.